Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You've gotta start somewhere!

while in search of the "perfect" maiden blog entry, i have efficiently not posted anything. i guess i don't really feel bad, its only been a week and given that dan and i are still crafting items in hopes of opening our etsy shop ( within the next few weeks, i suppose its okay that we haven't actually begun blogging yet.

on that note, we're very excited by the endless possibilities and crafty ideas we have for some of the exclusive, handmade items we hope to offer very soon! rest assured, there will be much to do here when we are closer to the big day :)

until then, let me start with our VERY FIRST "Coffee Shop Sandwich" post! i know, right - who doesn't love coffee shop sandwich creations at your nearest grind? some of the combos are definitely things i wouldn't come up with on my own, but they end up being the very thing that makes my day (or week - in matters of food, anyway). and honestly, i'm shocked that a quick web search for coffee shop sandwich 'recipes' yielded NO results - nothing, nada, empty handed! while i generally wait for someone else to decide to take on a task, such as blogging coffee shop sandwiches, i figured this just might be something i can do...

without further ado:


sandwich of the day on Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at The Daily Grind, Marshfield, WI

smoked sliced turkey breast

pepper jack cheese
marinated mushrooms, onions and zucchini 
fresh tomato 
brown mustard

served on a warm bagel

simple and delicious! this sandwich was amazing - just posting it makes me want one right now :)

enjoy, and check back for more shop updates, tasty sandwiches and who knows what else we may decide to post!
many happy returns,

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