Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maple Fall Festival and great eats!

This weekend we had a half day girls day at the annual Maple Fall Festival in Marshfield, WI and it was fantastic! The day started off chilly and damp (my kind of day!) and ended up sunny and cool (also not too shabby). In the AM we took O with us (who liked to see all the people and helped us eat a caramel apple - sliced, not whole) and in the afternoon we went back to browse vendors and grab more treats :)

My best find was a nice little thumb ring to replace the one I "outgrew" while pregnant w/ O (almost 2 years ago!) but found lots of inspiration, ideas and just enjoyed being able to be outdoors on such a beautiful fall day with my Mom and her darling sister who has been visiting for a few weeks (time goes so fast...). Other highlights include "wavy ribbon fries" - a potato cut circular (think apple 'peeler-corer-slicer' style) only VERY thin (like thin potato chips), deep fried, with cheese, ranch and bacon on top - sinful! We also had "custom" mouse ears made special for us by the elephat ear stand - so that they'd be easier to share. It was very nice and a perfect way to end our trip to the festival!

I look forward to many more fall days as beautiful and memorable as this was!

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